Pre-Owned Rolex Watches*

Watch the video below for a small selection of our pre-owned Rolex watches — we have a wide selection of style, prices and ask us for our warranty for each Rolex watch we sell.

Harold Reese Jewelry buys, sells and repairs pre-owned Rolex watches as well as other fine time pieces. When you are shopping for a Pre-Owned Rolex take the time to stop buy Harold Reese Jewelry and view our selection. If we don’t have what you want, we have the sources to get you any new timepiece you desire.

Nobody undersells us on pre-owned Rolex watches as well as other fine timepieces. Customers from all over the Houston area and beyond have trusted Harold Reese Jewelry for generations because they know they can count on the quality and price of our pre-owned Rolex watches to be the very best.

Please call 713-910-0010 to schedule an appointment to visit with us. We’re looking forward to serving your pre-owned Rolex sales and repair needs.


Rolex Datajust Blue Dial


Rolex Datajust Stainless And Gold


Rolex Datajust


Rolex Datajust Oyster Band


Rolex President


Rolex GMT Master II


Rolex Ladies Datajust Stainless


Rolex Ladies Datajust


Rolex Ladies President


Rolex Submariner


Rolex Yachtmaster


Pre Owned Rolex Watches Houston

Men’s Pre-Owned Rolex Watches*

Women’s Pre-Owned Rolex Watches*

*Harold Reese Jewelers is not affiliated with Rolex USA.

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